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Girls Bootcamp Switzerland 2022

The Girls Bootcamp is about taking time out from the busy life to reconnect to yourself through a combination of yoga, fitness and healthy eating. All training sessions will take place outdoor that includes different activities like Silent Barre mat, Silent functional training, Silent run and Silent Yoga.
In addition, we have an outdoor where you can relax after each session.

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Girls Bootcamp Croatia 2022


  • Unique and luxury accommodation
  • Spending time outdoors will relieve you of stress
  • Yoga class and fitness in a fabulous home
  • Fly High Flow will provide wireless headphones to the students for every workout
  • Let´s cook together! Eat, cook and bond. The participants will meet at the kitchen for every meal, this means we will cook together as a team to get to know each other better
  • Indoor pool
  • Fun pool workouts
  • White Yoga Party
  • Piñata
  • Sekt party dinner

Dress code for the party: dress up with high heels

More info. coming soon…