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Brides need Silent Disco Yoga! Yoga at a bachelorette party with wireless headphones is a great way to start off the celebration.
Spend quality time with friends & family. Pamper the bride while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Silent Disco Yoga, the yogis wear a pair of wireless headphones, with the teacher guidance as well as music during the yoga class. In this class, we´ll practice a new method that it is called Inside Flow Yoga. During the class, you move from the classic Vinyasa to Tai Chi movements or Taekwondo kicks or even Ballet motion in slow sequences together with the beat of the music.

Also, we offer Barre, Bungee, Yoga Burn, Dance Yoga, or House Yoga in case your bride wants to experience another class.

Event: Contact us directly via whatsapp 0176 -96208233 for more information.
Location: Mannheim, Heidelberg.