Anayansi Garcia - Mobile: 0176 96208233



• Who can do Bungee? Any person older than 18 years old.
• Is there a weight restriction? Everybody fits onto our harness, however if your weight is more than 100kg, please book a private class to evaluate your conditioning.
• What do I wear? We suggest to wear leggings, t-shirt and don ́t forget to bring your sport shoes.
• Who shouldn’t do Bungee Workout? Those who have a recent surgery. If you have pain that involves shoulders, back, lower back, wrists, hands, please consult with your doctor before doing this training. Also, pregnant woman are not allowed to come to this class.
• Can I cancel my reservation? No, the spots are limited. You can sell your spot to a friend.
Your friend has to send us a whatsapp 0176-96208233 with the details like full name and weight + height. We need this information to attach the bungee accordingly.
• Is previous experience necessary? No, the class is designed for all fitness levels.


• What do I wear for Aerial Yoga? You want to wear something comfortable and flexible, simple leggings are usually the best. Please, wear a t-shirt with sleeves, because the fabric will be right under your arms. Avoid any kind of zipper or other decoration that could snag on the fabric.
• Is there a weight restriction? No, the Hammock can hold 500kg.
• Who shouldn’t do Aerial Yoga? Those who have a recent surgery, or problems with high blood pressure, pregnant women, a person had in 24 hours Botox. Please, ask your doctor if you have any problem with heart or any chronic pain.
• Can I cancel my reservation? No, the spots are limited. We don’t want to hold a spot that it won’t be used. You can sell your spot to a friend.

Dance Yoga, House Yoga, Vinyasa Burn Flow House Yoga

• Can I cancel my class? Yes, you may do it on MindBody. Refund will be made in a form of credit, which you may use to register another class.
• Do I need experience? No, all levels are welcome.

Mommy Flow and Mom Sweaty & Baby

• What do I need to bring for my baby? A blanket and baby toys.
• What time should I arrive with my baby? Please, arrive 15 min before the class. You might feed your baby before we start the training. Although, you can feed your baby any time during the class.
• Does my 10 classes card have an expiration date? Yes, it is valid 1 year.
• When can I join the training after giving birth? Woman should be 16 weeks postpartum. This means your baby is at least 4 months old.