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Girls Bootcamp

Girls Bootcamp

The Girls Bootcamp is about taking time out from ones busy life to reconnect to yourself and nature through a combination of yoga, fitness and healthy eating. All training sessions will take place in open nature that includes different outdoor activities like SUP, Barre mat, functional training and Yoga. In addition, we have a pool where you can relax after each session.

Enjoy amazing workouts in a beautiful location.

Our fitness holidays are perfect for all fitness levels!

Girls Bootcamp includes:

2 x SUP, you can use them whenever you want
Silent Run
Silent Yoga
Silent HIIT
Silent Barre mat
Dinner + party with headsets (dress code)

Why do we use the word “Silent” in every training?

For every workout, the athlete will wear a pair of wireless headsets. The Silentsystem headphones allow each participant to control their own volume, being able to listen to the instructor´s voice + the music. The participants can be up to 100 meters away from the teacher and they will still hear clearly her voice.

If you want to receive the schedule of the whole Bootcamp before the booking, Fly High Flow will send it to you per E-mail.

Location: Bodensee

Please, take note that this is the price for the trainings only.

Fly High Flow will send you the link for the extra payment of the luxus accommodation + food.

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